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Visual FlagShip 8 for Linux (Release 8.1.05)

FlagShip is ported to different operating systems. Besides for MS-Windows and commercial Unices, a port for Linux is available here. This port requires:

  • 32bit or 64bit Linux operating system kernel 2.6 to 4.x (with gcc 4.1 and higher, glibc 2.5 and higher)
  • 512 MB RAM (more is recommended for perfomance)
  • 300 MB free hard disk space

There are different ports of FlagShip for Linux available, select one:

Visual FlagShip 8 for 64bit Linux
supports 32bit and 64bit Linux systems and creates native 64bit or 32bit executables (optionally by using the -64 or -32 compiler switch)

Step-by-step-rpm Read this booklet (pdf) for requirements and step-by-step instruction, or click on the image left  

Visual FlagShip 8
for 32/64bit Linux

Download FlagShip rpm installation

  • Alternatively, you may use FTP download**. You may confirm the integrity of files by the standard md5sum tool:
    92eac364a995aac496a8aa1f189252c4  fs8linux-8105.tgz
  • Both the above Download links can also be used for update of former VFS releases.
  • If you wish to test or use FlagShip for other operating systems, see the MS-Windows or Unix ports.
  • There are free licenses for test/evaluation purposes, as well as commercial licenses available. See the booklet, price list and license terms for additional details.
  • If you own license for VFS7 and wish to continue to use it instead of VFS8, use this link.
  • To upgrade your older FlagShip license (FS4, VFS5, VFS6, VFS7) to VFS8, contact your dealer or multisoft  for heavy discounted upgrade price, or use this order form.

Now, if you wish to test FlagShip for free without any risk:

Register for the free, fully featured Test/Eval version Step-by-step by simply fill-in this form on
Your privacy is of course guaranteed.
You will get the key by e-mail.





Enjoy. We grant free technical support for up to 6 months, see further info here.



Since FlagShip translates the Xbase code to C code as an intermediate step and requires object compatible libs during the linking stage, the used C compiler, utilities and libraries must be chosen with great care, otherwise upredictable errors may occur. The C compiler is required only in the developing phase, it is not required for the user of your application, since FlagShip creates native executables.

Check the Linux kernel version by "uname -a", gcc compiler with "cc -v" and glibc with "/lib/libc.so.6" . 

** Mozilla announced that the Firefox web browser no longer supports the FTP protocol (from Firefox 90), as does Google and other browsers. You may use the ftp command ("man ftp") or any alternative software for downloads.

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Last updated 15-Dec-2022