Examples of OOP Programming in FlagShip

Flagship is similar to C++ and Class(y), and is fully compatible with Clipper and VisualObjects (VO). For example:

  CLASS myScreen                     // defines a new class
     INSTANCE myRow                  // private to class
     PROTECT  column                 // private to class
     HIDDEN   current                // private to class
     EXPORT   sizeCol := maxcol()    // public access allowed
     EXPORT   sizeRow := maxrow()    // public access allowed

  METHOD NewSize(y,x) CLASS myScreen // similar tu usual function
     sizeRow := y
     sizeCol := x
     return SELF
  METHOD Init(y,x) CLASS myScreen    // instantiation, optional params
     column := if (ValType(x) == "N", x, column)
     myRow  := if (ValType(y) == "N", y, myRow )
     return SELF
  ACCESS Row CLASS myScreen          // allows read-only public access
     return myRow
  ASSIGN Row(y) CLASS myScreen       // allows write-only public access
     myRow := y
     return myRow

  // enywhere in the application
  Local oMyScr := myScreen { 5 }     // instantiate/create object variable
  ? oMyScr:sizeCol, oMyScr:Row       // access instances
  oMyScr:Row := 20                   // assign new value
  oMyScr:NewSize (22,50)             // invoke method
If you're familiar with C++, you will find a high grade of similarity, with an easier level of programming: The SELF is equivalent to 'this' in C++, EXPORT, METHOD, ACCESS and ASSIGN are similar to 'public:' while the other instances are 'private:', the declaration 'METHOD NewSize() CLASS myScreen' to myScreen::NewSize() {..} etc. The access by oMyScr:Row in FS is similar to oMyScr->Row in C++ and so on. Of course, inheritances (also from the default classes) and other goodies are supported too.


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